Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wednesday Morning Musings.

Its a quarter past seven in the morning and the whole day lies stretched infront of me like a ... hmm...running out of similes. The point is, its the second day of my 'i-shall-live-off-the-huks'[ kindly bear that sms insinuation] resolution and I have been living nearly the same way I had been trudging through life a day back. The moral of the story- You can never be contented when you are trying to be happy.
but then I am plagiarizing someone else's thoughts. Some one one of a kind and definitely not meant for mass production. If anyone from Scottish Church is logged in then they will know who I have on my mind. the name is Da Silva, Alan Da Silva. And if you are not from SCC then its about time you got a introduisîmes[that darn translator...it came up with nothing more exotic]. But thats for later. My dad has an evil grin on his face and I guess that weapon called angst does not work on him any more. Adios...I'll log back later.

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