Thursday, May 10, 2007

random thoughts.

What happens when you have this feeling that sticks like a monkey on your back? You write posts that no one reads.

I read somewhere that Dali got his inspiration from his half-somnulent state. I am half sleepy. may be I'll come up with surrealistic posts. Maybe the words will have an out- of- body experience and maybe some day someone from somewhere will somehow read this and say-'avant-garde'. And maybe there will be a prose style inspired by this humble blogger.

Have you read Catcher in the Rye? Mark Chapman was obsessed with the book. Did you know that? You did! It's a great read...just about killed me. But it saved the best for last. There is something in the mill-on-the-floss situation that gets me misty eyed in minutes. Of course it draws on[the novel i mean] but that Phoebe just redeems everything.

Holden is a lesson. I mean, he is a tiring, dissatisfied, angst ridden tenager who engages in lies and half truths without any scrupples and is as phony and superficial as the people he dislikes. And yet he wrests out all the sympathy he can...much like that despicable protagonist of Lolita. Nabokov set a trap and i walked straight into least for the first few chapters. Dont ask me about the last few chapters. I never got around to reading them. I prefer my senses being assaulted by that guy playing Wilde in Wilde than going through Book II. Revolting.

What am I reading right now?Mice and Men and Nonsense Novels.

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