Thursday, May 10, 2007

Carmalite Creed

If that alliteration did not catch your attaintion, what i am going to scribble might. I had been hearing a lot about the Calmalite sisters for some time now and at last curiosity got the better of piety( Blogging is the modern confessional. I confess it was more out of wonder than anything else that i found myself on that rather insulated CAmac Street Church) and i got Maggie to take me there.

I don't think i owe you a setting cuz- a. this is not a novel and b. you won't give a fig either way. So i'll safely cut out all scenic details, the fact that it rained after the weatherman predicted it...will(surprise!) will not find any existence here.

The Carmalite sisters do not show their faces to anyone and lead cloistered lives inside a building attached to the church. this much i had gathered from AM ma'am's class when i was getting kicks out of looking like the well-informed student which i am not( the old trick. nodding knowingly when she spoke about the Sisters). But what i guess i found interesting was the window which was a sort of revolving structure. You just need to place whatever you want to give them and then hey, it revolves and it goes on to the other side. Now you see it and now you dont. But what you never see are the sisters. In fact I had heard some rumour that they emerge under the cover of the dark and walk about surreptitiously in the premises. But it sounded too gothic and i have shrugged it off.

We lit candles. We went to the chapel. We felt sanctified[read with a voice as deadpan as it gets]
we spoke about the evils of the world. We smilled sadly like two beatified saints who are remorse struck at the world's ruin. Then what happened? Well, I guess we forgot about it over a burger and coke in McDonalds.

PS- Ok. I lied. I forgot about it. Maggie is a believer. whatever.

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