Thursday, May 24, 2007


In the dying minutes of the match, the heart could break. The ground was a riot of red and the last thing I remember before snapping off the TV, was Kopites holding Merseyside streamers high
against the Athenian winds.

This post is for you fans out there hollering 'handball'. The Reds don't need those bulwarks to hide their pride. Shrugging shoulders and blaming others is the credo of losers and the part of you which is forever red shall never bite the dust. We played well. We tamed the Milan brigade and the Kakas, Maldinis and Nestas were just shadows on the field. Having said that, its only fair to add that our finishing was poor and there were some slipped opportunities. Kuyt had his moments but he never emerged as a lead striker.

This post is also for you who woke up today and saw the scoreboard- 2-1. Mate, you missed some good football. Pennant was brilliant and Masch locked Kaka and gave him no space. We had an awesome ball possession and ask that Ancelotti who dominated the field more.

Now back to the fans. The season in the offing will see us move from strength to strength. You know 'You'll never walk alone' and Anfield...I still scream 'Liverpool'.


Sayan said...

highlights are a pain, because you sit to watch them with preconceived notions. there is only one thing i can say, this was the only time when all of those notions were effectively blown away during the course of my watching them. Kudos, Liverpool.

Joydeep said...

Football is not all about 'joga bonito', about playing the eye candy, slick passing, high scoring game. Football is also about defense, about tactics and about solidity in the overall organization of the team. If you take all that into account the Rossoneri were great. Their caliber and pedigree easily shines through.