Thursday, May 10, 2007


I promise this one is going to be boring. Infact i dont intend to read it myself the second time around. For the past few days i have been reading some Cohen...what? no, dont NOT going to tell you about the various extraneous circumstances that drove me to discover Cohen[specially if they are as mundane as a google search]

So, as i was saying before getting distracted, Cohen has this wonderful conversational ton, distilled off all pedantry, artifice or anything that is not natural or entrenched in the local colour of the age that produced him. He is just like you and me, a man who came, saw and wrote, who is the godfather of gloom ... wait a minute...can we reverse time to 'and wrote'? we cant? You bet we can. and if it's the other way, just pretend,right? right!

So what was that the godfather of gloom thing...aha! I nicked it from this webpage I had been reading. It calls him the grocer of despair among other things. Thats strange. Granted, he is slightly pessimistic, now that you mention it...but "the prince of bummers"??? That can have two possible explainations-

a. I cannot read poetry. its multifarious nuances are quite lost on my obfuscated gray matter.
Works of sublimity are wasted on me.

b. I am as morbid, morose, pessimistic and bleak as the poet, so reading his works didnt make me feel its perticularly dismal or doleful[boy, am I good at being a cynic]

But these deliberations fade in comparison to what is to come. Yes, readers there is more. The article goes on to quote him-'"The heart,goes on cooking, sizzling like shish kebab." I could slit my wrist. Im begining to enjoy this write-up. quite informative. infact i get my option c.
Cohen was on substance abuse which kind of skewed him up the lonesome, joyless alley. I could quote from the article...but I am sure I have lost your interest entirely and don't want to aggravate you further.

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