Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Draft Three

One of these days

Sooner or maybe later

You will watch yourself taking

The lanes that wind up at your door

And you will watch yourself walking upto you

Taking a seat next to yourself

Smiling, hands clasped in silent reception

Like old friends who accidently meet

With time on their side

Indulge with love, with mutual recollections

Listen to your stories and fondly finish the lines

When memory slips

And while the dust settles from her long tired feet

Refill her cup to the brim just on the verge of spill-over

And dismiss protests with laughter and kindness

You have come a long way

Through ignorance, mistrust, breakdown, false hope

Broken love, unmailed letters, mornings and dusks

Nights, strangers,hunger and laughter

Appreciation, coldness, longing


Death, arrival, relief and paranoia

Emptiness and comfort

Shame and love

Disbelief and indifference

When she comes to you

Keep time in hand

Your one true friend

That never quite left

When others did

Monday, September 19, 2011

Draft Two

Warmed on your bed by a hundred nightly chills

She grew to recognize the lengths and ends of her body

Through pain, through pang

Through tenderness that came from you

To tenderness that mutely screamed in the quite nights

And every sting was a reminder of your love

Spoils of the war, she lost every time to win

A new scar of your boundless affection

And while she leaves her marks on you

You leave none for onlookers to spy

To inquire, or silently understand

Instead the blows of your love

Seep deeper


To find shelter under her fevered skin

But every day she seeks and seeks

More and more of this frenzied game

Not allowing you to keep your calm

Not accepting measured moves

Not allowing the dialogue to end

With pleasantries and polite exchange

But if you are reading this

Do not feel moved to take the blame

For she doesn’t wish to smolder

But scrounge your love

For her charred remains.