Sunday, May 13, 2007

I am irritated.

I am irritated. You know those moments when you glance over your shoulders to look back at your life and nothing but a yawning nothingness stares right back at you? Heeysuss, I feel like a grinning idiot. No, seriously. Everything I write either smacks of contrivance or sounds like some verbose cliche that would make the dead asphyxiate six feets under. I am doing nothing but pilfering ideas, thoughts and what have you.

I want a dog. A nice labrador or a spaniel. A perfect cure for the mean reds.


Sayan said...

love your expression and mood here. but u dint tell me about the dog before!!

misa said...

Well, I did! remember that day I asked you to get me a fat puppy that will waddle across the floor?