Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Hello, walk in through the half open door
Take a seat, surely we have met before
I am schizophrenic, I live fragmented
By halves rational, by halves demented
I distill the postwar cynicism
Spartan conflicting with hedonism
And I am not your Gibson propriety
An abridged text of contrariety
I don’t write confessional limericks
I don’t belive in real politiks
And freedom is my piety
I am learning to be placid
Comprehending you takes time
The silence burns like acid
Against the dwindling of a rhyme.
I may be bohemian
But please don’t catagorise
I have no silverspoon
Only the wealth of butterflies.
And if you think you know me
Or if we have never met
It hardly matters if u recall
Or deliberately forget.

1 comment:

manu said...

girl u r talented,
i take back my words of critique... of earlier discussion.
so carry on the good work..