Sunday, November 9, 2008

My lonely girl, caught in a storm
Do you hear the winds moan
The sky flashes angry tears tonight
Where do you wander all alone...
I have known your kind, lady lover

Creep out at night like a rambling witch
With ankles deep in moors discover
Cruel ways to beguile, bewitch
I saw you wander in a tawny wood

And sing incantations to the air
A woman, often misunderstood
A little evil, beyond repair
You tear assunder and recombine

Bits of me, beloved witch
Feel my vision by degrees maligned
Lying with you, doing your hitch.


Amazing Greys said...

is it just me or are you getting better by the day. :)

What's In A Name ? said...

this 'lonely girl' has a 'lady lover' ???

Antigone said...

@ Amazing-

its just you...the dear, forbearing you who puts up with what I write :P


the answer to that would be - no. not because a lonely girl can't have a lady lover but because the lady lover and the lonely girl are one and the same person ...or so I intended to express. umm, did I fall short?
but waving that aside for a seem mortified that a lonely girl can have a lady lover... :)

Madhuri said...

Searching for her conscience? It was poignant, it was!

Noisy Autist said...

wow... this is just amazing... so very mysterious, kind of sad black magic.

What's In A Name ? said...

mortified with a capital M. :)