Sunday, December 7, 2008


In another day, another time, another summer, or some other night when the stars hide the nocturnes of the sky. Another me, but this same you. But now turn your back to me and talk about music, poetry or of the thousands of sunsets you stayed up to see. Talk cliched, talk in jangling verses of the happy, talk without another look at me.


Bad girl, dirty dirty girl, what did you do. Look at me, lower your eyes, confess the truth, don't open your mouth. Walk the line, curl in your toe, hold out your hand, do what you are told. Speak your mind, think as I say, don't break free, but go away.


What's In A Name ? said...

too difficult a code this to be broken by a layman.

Amazing Greys said...

but still amazing. :)

Sphinx said...

i'd sing a song with these words if I could sing!
you're one of the few people who doesn't abuse 'poetic license' and that is one of the few reasons why i respect your blog so much.

Noisy Autist said...

eccentricity has never been such beautiful.

cleopatra said...

Thank god and thank u that u r writing again. Great as usual.... sheer bliss.

Madhuri said...

Oh my God, this is brilliant!!! Love it love it, I cannot say how much, words fail me!! :(