Thursday, October 23, 2008

I miss you
In disconnected strains of conversation
Mixed in road maps, coffee stains and
Hints of smiles behind cupped hands

You could be anywhere now
Pebbled streets, street plays or catching thoughts
Or trading lives or undoing plans
Searching with eyes shut, building with paper cuts
Screeching cars halting inches from death

Where do you wander now
Where do you die
When the tempests break
Upon the face of your sky
when poetry agitates
Or cigarette ends don't light
When you become your words
Written on a nameless night.


Noisy Autist said...



What's In A Name ? said...

"Where do you wander now
Where do you die
When the tempests break
Upon the face of your sky"

The poetess is back, I suppose.

One Busy Poetess.
Add reluctant to that too. :)

Amazing Greys said...

do you even know there are 5 months between may & october. :(
anyway, please don't disappear again.

Macadamia The Nut said...

How I missed you!

Antigone said...

@ N.A.
More to make... :)


back like a bad penny with school girl rhymes :P

@ Amazing-

bad brain korbo? :(

@ MaC

Love are such a dear...

Madhuri said...

Incredible!! I love this one, will return to it

Sphinx said...

hey.. this poem is seriously awesome and you don't need to be Elliot to know what it means and its something Everyone can relate to... be it a lover, a father or a friend... I think its beautiful.
and another thing... I love Half light. It was one of my favourite songs a year and half back along with wires (same band) and hearing it just brought a wave of nostalgia...

Grasshopper said...

this one smelt of real times, real lives.

Antigone said...

@ Madhuri-

i love this new profile picture of yours.

@ Sphinx-

I love Wires...its just incredible.
and am glad you liked these lines of mine.. :)

@ grasshopper-

real times, real lives, real us back then, not so long ago....

Ruchira said...

nicely framed and put,
i love this poem.... :)

Antigone said...

@ Ruchi-

aww, I love you Ruchi...