Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer days meant lazed afternoons on smooth cotton sheets, drawn shades, melting ice cubes clinking around a glass of sweet lime and a book from the library. A summer afternoon these days, invariably means working for some really sadistic exams and occasionally fighting the urge to woolgather. But a summer afternoon today means, taking Macadamia's tag up and posting this very special something which I have been wanting to do for a while.

The rules [for the tag] say that you’ve to post five bits of information about you which you have never shared with your blog readers before. No "I plan..." or "I hope..." here - lets look at what has already happened.

1. My all time favorite childhood book is this Raduga publisher's Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. A few years back the book got misplaced and ever since then I have frantically searched for it everywhere...from the regular book haunts around the city to book stores, college street, Golpark, you name it and chances are that I have been there.

2. Once upon a very long time, my kindergarten teacher had called ma over to break the news to the lady that probably her daughter had some learning disability...specially with English for while the other babies had graduated to T or M or some other letter, little miss Acharya would still not say her A,B,Cs. I don't blame the teacher. I was too busy climbing trees or chasing butterflies and really didn't feel the need to know A,B,C,D.

3. I can be very whimsical. And I absolutely adore dogs [yeah, I am aware that the two statements had no earthly connection. And thats two points under the same point. *smirk*]

4. I once tore my ligament, displaced my knee-cap, suffered some hair-line cracks [all in my left knee] while playing volleyball and shrugged it all off as a slightly more painful sprain. So with a crepe-bandage firmly around the much abused knee, I did nearly everything that I was not supposed to do - like trying to run around and did I mention dancing?
Needless to say my Orthopedic was mortified when I finally went to the medicine man.
[Note aside for the two doctors, the rest can go over to point 5 - I promise, the next time I will turn myself in sooner.]

5. Taking me for granted is one of the fastest ways to lose me.

Thats that. Five things. And I tag anyone ready to play.

For someone with so called learning disabilities [:D], it was really feel-good to get all those comments for Sway, Sway, Sashay. But a certain someone saved the best for last. A musical rendition of my prose, something out of my wildest imagination and totally incredible. He composed, arranged, played the instruments, sang my lines and left me feeling absolutely happy. Here is the audio-

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Saptashaw C said...

Tui gechho chhili?? Mou-er sathe tor besh jombe [:P].

Madhuri said...

Well, Antigona, nice and a bit strange to know a little of the face behind the magic words :) ... I bet if I wrote ur biography, I would make more money :D :D

The song was beautifully done too!! My compliments to the writer and to the singer :)!!

Anil P said...

Lilting, a melody nonetheless.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

Miss Acharya, My heartfelt applause!!!! This time not for you......but the One behind the song. Wonderfully made!

Noisy Autist said...

hmm... revelations, revelations. :)

But who's this 'certain someone', hm?


Crimson Feet said...

Will an e-book version of 'Just So Stories' do? You can print and read it! Is rtf ok or a pdf? Or may be you'd love the audio-book version too? Want them all?

The song has come out extremely well. Very well composed! Loved listening to the same words, now with a rhythm.

Do convey my appreciation to the guy!

Amazing Greys said...

i can't believe that you can't find "just so stories" anywhere...i thought it was easy to find these books :O
about your "once upon a time" learning disability, well many geniuses have had learning disabilities in the past, so u better start working hard, ok, i want to know (i mean from close up) at least one genius in my mediocre life. :(

Altamont said...

amazing post, very insightful... the denouement was totally unexpected and fascinating. Congratulations to the budding musician and singer (and of course the lyricist :) )

Macadamia The Nut said...

Gurl, that was .... awesome! Like you opened this li'l window and said take a quick peek before I close it.

P.S. Wanna get together sometime and go stick our tongues out at your old teacher? I even blow a mean pea dart :|

Antigone said...

@ Saptashaw -

hey nice, finally another girl who climbed trees :)

@ madhuri-

i betcha, anything you write would sell like hot cakes. How do you do write like that time and time again?

and thanks for the compliments :)

@ Anil p-

Thank you :)


and the one-man band says thank you right back.

@ N.Autist-

Revelations? hmm, but methinks you knew 'em all :)

@ Crimson Feet-

I was looking for the wonderful printed illustrations which the ebooks can't really replace. but wait, an audiobook? really? could you give me a link to that?

And wow, thank you for your words. :)

@ Amazing Greys-

Believe it, I didnt find it a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e.

and yeah, learning disability is the first,last and only similarity i have with geniuses. I would be more happy to share the intellect tho' :D

@ Altamont-

do you remember the World Cup was going on when I tore my ligament? And you tried to perk me up by saying- Look at the footballers and their ligament injuries? You are in celebrity company. :P

@ MaC-

*One big bear hug*
nah,i would be in too good a mood [after meeting you] to really pull mean faces. :)

Crimson Feet said...

its a 12 mb file,.... the audiobook... if u have emule then u can download urself else i can download and mail it to u

Smelling oranges on winter afternoons said...

You didnt get the book on College street? Tried Saha's shop? You can order it there, he will get it for you.
Long time since last post. The medicine man been giving you trouble?

Antigone said...

@ Crimson Feet-

Yeah, I did manage to dig it out...

@ Smelling Oranges-

I have this fixation with the Raduga publication. The Soviet publishing house had these beautiful illustrations which I doubt if regular publications can replace. After the collapse of the USSR, these books went out of, I think finding a copy of the book I read as a child would be hard to find.

I threw the apple away long ago, the medicine man gives me no trouble. ;)

cleopatra said...

Last one & the dog one I know very well. The learning disabilities and the knee cap is new for me. Nevevrtheless, cute and enlightening.

Antigone said...

@ Cleo-

c'mon...class XI...rings a bell? no? ask Shrips...atleast she has a better memory about my knee-cap.

Madhuri said...

Missin ur work Antigona :( ...

Macadamia The Nut said...

Miss you!
Weird, no?
COme back soooooon!

Ashutosh Didwania said...

Good one!

grasshopper said...

Where you linger
where you stay
I do not know
which dream you dream now.

But some small talks do arise
when words indicate you.
and you seem like sugar in a cup
waitin to be filled with tea.

im stoned alike now
crystal maze of shades unknown
but the stairs there
and cream corridor

which sometimes mingle
with chocolate stance
where u sway ur hair
and stray.

Antigone said...

@ Madhuri

i am trying to pick the pen up again. good to know i am missed though :P

@ MaC-
that was a long hibernation. wonder if any one still remembers me around here :D

@ Ashutosh -

:) Thank You

@ Partner in Rhyme-

Silence protracted into days
days without cigarette smoked tea
And whiffs of poetry....

Sphinx said...

r u coming back? its been a while since you've been gone...

Antigone said...

@ Sphinx-

Thank you so much...for coming around here..

Anonymous said...

quite interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.