Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shooting from the hip

This isn't about lives less ordinary which lived fast and died young. This is definitely not an eulogy since I don't know enough of Vicious's music to do so or otherwise. I don't own a Sex Pistol so don't ask me if I think he was a legendary punk rocker or just a pale no-hoper who couldn't play bass. And yes,before I forget...this isn't to romanticize Nancy. But have you wondered what it would be to see the sky through her eyes.

I didn't expect them to put this song...It's Cohen song and it's beautiful. Maybe thats why it's here in my blog...the song is pure magic.

Room 100..Chelsea Hotel...RIP Sid and Nancy.


Homesick Alien said...

i love cohen...especially this song.

Homesick Alien said...

but i think the jeff buckley version has greater emotion in the singing, by the end of the jeff buckley song he has you in tears or if you rnt too emotional, you definitely at least get goosebumps.

misa said...

thank buddy...i'll check the jeff buckley version on youtube.