Thursday, June 14, 2007

Let Them Eat Cakes

A tip of the hat to those who can bake their cake and eat it too. I am not talking through my hat and by the beard of the prophet I swear it's no cakewalk to bake a cake. Following are the two epiphanies I suffered after that beefcake's birthday-

1. Vanilla essence is revoltingly obnoxious. Some cretin of subnormal intelligence wrote of a svelte female who used it as a perfume and the male moron couldnt figure out what it was and found her irresistibly enigmatic[sic]. well guess what? It isnt. It's a potent male repellent.

2. Never substitute butter for oil...unless of course you know the exact equation. Havn't you heard of the 21 year old girl who tried baking a cake in the thirteenth hour of 2nd June 2007? After being informed by a well wisher that olive oil wouldn't make the cakes sell cakes, she used butter...and landed up with bricks that she later used to scare crows away.

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