Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eternity is a Moment In Time

When the unbearable lightness of being calls out from the sepia tinted photographs I search for words unborrowed from another mind. Tell me about the lulling hum of raindrops falling on the gravel and leaves shivering in the mildewed breeze. Reverse those bifurcated hands of time to an age when dryads worked their magic for believing eyes or extend them to escape this warp where the eldritch is thrown to the wind.

Kidnapped within the cold structures of mortar and girder are vacant lives that sink in morasses and forget the art of talking in simple unaffected words. And I ask you 'pray for the wild at heart trapt in cages' and juggle more words out of the babel like a conjurer with a spent trick.

Watch me deal in erudition and ask me what I think about so and so...I am tired of the internalized jargon of phonies and a voice I remotely recognize as my own. The unbearable lightness of being alive and not marionettes.

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