Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poetry dries like blood

Between pages, across miles
Pressed between your lips
Like a waif, like a tear lost between
Fingers curled infinitely into a fist.


What's In A Name ? said...

The poetess has taken to haikus and couplets. Has she ?

I like the first line the most.

Noisy Autist said...

I loved it how it sums up everything in just five lines.

Grasshopper said...

Like the forgotten drop of sweat
amidst acres of barren land.

Antigone said...


:) no...just the lack of inspiration to sustain an idea more than a few lines.

@ N.A-

still I feel the lines wait for completion...

@ Grasshopper -

yes. just like that.

Cleopatra said...

short and intriguing..

Madhuri said...

Love it, my palms are open, cmon Antigona, return!