Sunday, May 31, 2009

I curl myself in a box, pinstriped

Odd bits of old confetti 
toes crushed against folded photographs, the first ballerina shoe
Shiny pebbles, a movie script and chocolate wrappers
Christmas bells and torn pages of a diary.
I close my eyes to make a 
time capsule, to be buried for years till
Present thoughts become a confused smile, a memory. 
I bury me under the Rowan tree, covered by berries and speckled red flowers 
The earth growing warmer, I hear
muffled laughs of lovers or maybe little children dappled by sun and shade
I sleep.

Seasons change, the rain mixed with songs of the wind seeps through
I wish to turn, restless in my sleep
I dream of thunderstorms, barbed wires of electricity in the sky
My bones ache for green fields, damp green fields
I wish to turn
Within the closed space of the eye
I see the rain dripping through my twisted fingers
Dissolving me to absolution.
Doused by a thousand tears of a dead god. 
I feel not the weight of the berries, the red petals, troubled dreams.

Seasons change, the summer awakens me
Blind, blind fury of a midday sun
I rise, I merge, lost to the elements
Fevered by the heat, I turn
into a rain cloud
I fall
I turn
parched lands into fields of green
My blood in the earth


Noisy Autist said...

this was a beautiful read, with very vivid pictures and imaginations... some truly original ones.

i didn't get the meaning, its personal i know. and i love the fact that i didn't. i love the obcurity, the mystery.

i'm just so happy that it's there.

What's In A Name ? said...

"to make a
time capsule, to be buried for years till
Present thoughts become a confused smile, a memory. "

"My Sassy Girl" effect, is it??

Incognito said...

Turmoil oyestered in serenity...

Antigone said...

@ N. A- generous, as always.
good to feel that the blog didn't die out. :)

@ WIAN- good God, no :P just a habit of childhood when once at the end of the year I would tuck away little things that reminded me of some important things that happened that particular year. I would hide it and promise myself to open it again after a few years. I lost one in my grandfather's garden and another of course has been reopened and by now more or less forgotten about.
But yeah, My Sassy Girl had a time capsule too. but after spending a whole week writing an assignment on it, I do not wish to think about that film :P


Madhuri said...

Welcome back Antigona, I missed you :)!!! You are lovely, as always

Nimo said...

This post is like Africa, vast open veldts.... yet

Grasshopper said...

Are we made of only words?

Antigone said...

@ Madhuri- thank always do wonders to my faith in myself

@ Nimo-
interesting really. close to what I presumed to think

@ partner in rhyme-

words and words to replace those words and thoughts that never found words and roamed in the expanse of our head like waifs.
but we used to be more than that. remember?

Antigone said...

@ Incognito-

incognito indeed. couldn't recognize you at first. good to see you around girl :)

Incognito said...

... and will stay here for a while ;)

Sphinx said...

have you heard the verve's rendition of 'lucky man'.. its beautiful!
and so is your poem.. as with all your poems, its very vivid and people can imagine everything you write and no two of the imaginations are the same/

Amazing Greys said...

The blog header is great, i'm sure you made it yourself. Genius tui.

(What can i say about the post, how many times can one say "amazing, wonderful, etc etc"?) :)

Antigone said...

@ Sphinx-
i adore the Verve. Couldn't find the version i like in

@ Amazing-
tui amaye beshi credit dish. :) i just modified a painting by Egon Schiele.

cleopatra said...

beautiful... not a bad idea to lie buried forever...

Antigone said...

yes, forget and be forgotten.