Monday, March 31, 2008


Have been hibernating for too long. So picked up this tag from Amazing Grey's blog. Some poetaster rhymes for my patient, forbearing fellow-bloggers-

A for anger, and a bit of heaven when we make up

B for banana pancakes, brush strokes across my easel

C for chocolates, dark, sinful, caffeine in a coffee cup

D for daddy and death when pop goes the weasel

E for emotions when expectations ensnare

F for football matches, food, freedom , fiction

G for Gypsy blood, a mind game of solitaire

H for haiku, hide and seek and hazelnut addiction

I for what I am, what I have, what I can't be

J for Jack in the box from days gone by

L for love that leaves you weak in the knee

M for music or marbles in a pocket full of rye

N for NHL and almost losing my best friend

O for occasionally swallowing my pride

P for procrastination and poetry to comprehend

Q for quietly sitting with you, by your side

R for the red herrings and rambling in the wild

S for shoulders to rest on and silly rhyme

T for twinkling stars I wished on as a child

U for uneasy silence, coming undone just in time

V for Violin and the fiddler's symphony

W for waking dreams of you and me

X for two bones under a skull

Y for coming years that don't gaurantee

Z for the zzz..gotta sleep, feeling dull….

And if you wondered where is K

K for keeping you forever and a day...


Noisy Autist said...

How can you make everything seem so easy? :)

Amazing Greys said...

wow, this is so amazing, now this is real talent y'know, making poetry out of this. :O

Macadamia The Nut said...

Awww! I loved the mystery of the Missing K

Saptashaw C said...

Bepok likhechish!!

Antigone said...

@N. Autist-

i make them seem easy...u make them so. :)

@A.G -

ur my all time feel good factor :)


actually i forgot the hell about the K till NA pointed it out. the last couplet is a makeshift cover-up job :P

@ Sapta-

thanks and thanks again :)

Madhuri said...

Pop goes the weasel :(( ... It sticks... Nice list!! Wheres ur songlist now?? I saw Mac had tagged u ... No play :(?

Soumya said...

Loved the lexicographical way of expressing yourself..and the k-factor..

a good read!

Hazel Dream said...

infant poetry