Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sand and Surf

Rise tonight like a surge's swell
Fall tonight like waves on the shore
Pause awhile, before you bid farewell
Bid farewell, to return once more

Whisper like the sighing shells
Scream like those breakers at sea
And like the hungry tide turning on
Return again to crash into me

Strange like the ocean's end
Distant like the land of dreams
Watching as ripples blend
On the silent sleepy streams


Amazing Greys said...

this is really beautiful, kind of a fluid, musical quality to it, i can almost hear the waves as i read it, & that's wonderful.

Antigone said...

ur a sweetheart...:) thanks.

Noisy Autist said...

^what she said... fluid musical quality. And so peacefully relaxing read.

Antigone said...

:) and :) again.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

The second stanza is blissfully cathartic. In the last 'sleepy silence' makes for rather a tepid end to a terrific start. Terrific!

Antigone said...

thank ye mister.
but cathartic? the Greeks would have a heart attack:P

Madhuri said...

Beautiful!! I got a lil lost toward the end though... Still... beautiful!!... I'll be back...

Smelling oranges on winter afternoons said...

"return again to crash into me"... so good. Thats just like I feel sometimes. An inspired and inspiring piece.