Saturday, November 17, 2007


Daddy can you hear my voice
Calling across the stretch called time
Daddy can you hear my voice
Reading out a memorized nursery rhyme
Daddy can you raise me up
Free me of ghosts beneath my bed
Daddy can you watch me sleep
Daddy is your little girl dead
Daddy patiently pick the flowers
And wear the ragged floral crown
Daddy when they make me weep
Make me laugh, play the clown
Daddy when I grow up
And let the world have it's way
Daddy when I grow up
Old as eternity and a day
Now, eternity and a day being up
Whither can we flee
Daddy bring a sprig of yew
And a last bedtime story for me.


Sayan said...

Can be made into a rock classic. Its vintage and old school you ( I think i know what I'm talking about) yet with a touch of the new.
There are some things, after reading which you feel, "I wish I could have written that". This is one such.

misa said...

u need to sneak out of your house at 3.15 in the morning or you need to be the Tooth fairy.or both.or just be urself and write something better by far.:)

Noisy Autist said...

flying high on creativity these days?

misa said...

no. just following an advice.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

'Wonderful' is the least one can say.

misa said...

@what's in a name?